About Laura

Laura Vaughn Holcomb is the voice and passion behind String & Can Languages.

York University, Glendon College
Master’s in Conference Interpreting
Wofford College, Summa Cum Laude
B.A. in Spanish & Latin American Studies

Interpretation Experience
Full-Time Interpreter since 2007
Medical, Legal & Conference Settings
Remote & In-Person Delivery

Interpreter Training
Conference Interpreting Trainer
Healthcare Interpreting Trainer
Language Enhancement Coach
coLAB Peer Practice Intensive
Trainer of Online Interpreter Trainers

Laura’s robust respect and affection for the Americas took root in 2004 while living, studying and teaching in the Dominican Republic. This experience sprouted another in Valparaíso, Chile. These experiences, together with Laura’s fascination for language coalesced into a career in interpretation.

In 2007, Laura came on board as a staff interpreter at Athens Regional Medical Center, interpreting everything from level-one trauma situations to births. The written translation of myriad consent forms, discharge instructions, and teaching tools also became a regular component of her work in the healthcare setting.

cucuyo_logo_jar-e1498754943476.jpgThen, in 2008, while continuing to interpret, she founded the Cucuyo Arts program in the Dominican Republic which she continues to happily direct to this day. This summer program for Dominican and American high school youth champions collaborative art creation as a medium for cultural exchange.

In 2012, upon relocating to New York City, she became a full-time freelancer, providing services to several Manhattan hospitals and obtained her national certification as a medical interpreter through the International Medical Interpreters Association (IMIA). In 2013, Laura moved to Brazil to study Portuguese while earning a Master of Conference Interpreting, which she completed in 2015.

The connection, joy, and friendships that Laura has been fortunate enough to enjoy in all the places she has lived and traveled have contributed to a vast and varied repertoire of contexts and dialects within the diverse Latin American family of nations. This core of experience, together with excellent training and a passion for communication are treasured guideposts in the exercise of her craft.

But beyond excellence in her craft, her years spent working outside the booth, in the consecutive mode have attuned her to the art of customer service. She maintains that beyond being stewards of a message, that interpreters are relationship-builders: between the audience and the speaker, between the agency and their client, between the interpreter and the surrounding team. Her idea of a job well done is when she worried about it, so that no one else had to.