When is coLAB Toronto?
We generally hold a week-long summer session every August and on special occasions a January session.

Where is coLAB Toronto held?
Glendon College MCI Lab in Toronto.

Who is coLAB Toronto for?
Professional conference interpreters the world over, both newly graduated, life-long professionals and everything in between. The course is run in English, but any language combination is welcome, so long as there is at least one other participant with your language to provide feedback and act as a pivot if necessary.

How much does coLAB Toronto cost?
The current coLAB fee is CAD$275. Paying your fee confirms your spot. This abnormally low fee is possible because the Glendon MCI has generously donated their spectacular lab, because your organizers work mostly for love, and because you pitch in with your time and effort: each participant is required to prepare a 20-minute presentation in their A-language to be interpreted simultaneously by the other participants.

Your payment covers your own costs—coffee break treats, final celebration lunch, incidentals, group transportation, etc.—and (hopefully, if there is enough left over) your organizers’ basic expenses.

Participants arrange their own accommodations, meals, and travel. A low-cost option to stay directly on campus may be available to a limited number of participants upon request.

Can I earn Professional Development/Continuing Education Units from participating in coLAB?
The Ontario Council on Community Interpreting (OCCI) has approved coLAB in the past (yahoo!) and for the upcoming session for 10 Professional Development Units. This means it is very liked to continue to be approved for future sessions. For other organizations such as IMIA or CCHI, we encourage you to inquire directly and we will be happy to provide any supporting material.